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Hello, welcome to the presentation of the most popular brand on the sweet shop market: Ferrero Rocher. This brand belongs to the company of chocolate Ferrero.

We were born in Italy in 1946, when Fabio Ferrero invented a cream of chocolate and hazelnut which had an important success. Later, his son Giovanni established the company with his surname.

Currently, we are covering the European and American market thanks to our wide product range, for example Nutella, Kinder, Mon Cheri… The majority of people know our brands, consume and trust in them, but we want to expand our product range to improve and open us to new segment market.

But in this presentation I want to talk about our most important brand: that’s Ferrero Rocher.
First, I will explain something about the philosophy and brand image of the company:

Loyalty and trust are essential values of business policy which are aimed for consumers. 
We pretend to offer the better quality on our products with a careful selection of the finest raw materials, and to innovate at production process is a challenge for us. Also, we think that the hard work is the way to achieve the success.
Ferrero Rocher always wants to have an elegant image because our products are made to enjoy and share with your people, but with good taste.

If you pay attention on the logo, this reflects all those adjectives: luxury, elegance, quality and sobriety.
Our sloganShare Something Special” wants to communicate the same. With it, we create a good regard in the mind of the consumers.

Now, I will explain to you how we have been developing our target market:
Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate for people who value the artisanal quality and enjoy with it. At the same time, those people give importance to their health and figure, because we use healthy products with low label of saturate fat.
We can define our target market like a men and women of an upper middle class and middle class who is having an elegant and urban life style.

  If we talk about the influence of products in the market, we can say that there are in different phases of their life cycle, but in general, the company Ferrero have a high influence in the sweet shop market.
Specifically, Ferrero Rocher is being in the maturity phase of her life cycle: since it was born, it started to grow until today, but now is being stable. In other hand, it generates high cash flow and gives us an important share market.
The other products which you can see are in different phases: currently, we give more importance to the growth products like Ferrero balck noir than products like Ferrero Garden (it was decline and we’ll to take away).

 thanks to our premium brand Ferrero Rocher, we stay in a privilege situation on the market. It makes possible our success and has been winning market share and segmentation. Even though we promote and offer better prices, we increase our benefits of 3% respect the last year.

In the future, Ferrero will wants to win domination in other countries and attract new target market like a diabetic people with a new recipe. The next year we will include a new product in our product range… but I can’t talk about this issue.

That’s all at now. Thank you for listen or read me.

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  1. Great post! You are really good at design! (your English teacher)